About Us

Our company, established in 2005, is headquartered in Odessa, South of Ukraine. Main export directions are: Middle East, North part of Africa, China, India, South Korea and European Countries.

We saw and export Ukrainian Pine, Spruce, Poplar and other wood spices, AD and KD 1-3 grade quality. Presently we have our own 12 sawmills in Ukraine and export up to 10000 m3 per month.

Recycling waste from our sawmill we make bio-energy products like pellets, briquettes, wooden charcoal, sawdust briquette charcoal and firewood.

Also at our grain elevator we accumulate, process, and export different crops. We can always offer: wheat, wheat flour, peas, millet, oats, barley, sorghum, corn, mustard, rape, soybeans and sunflower oil.

The main services of the UaWood LLC activities include:
- Timber felling in Ukrainian forests;
- Sawing wood at our saw mills;
- Produce wooden pellets, briquettes and charcoal;
- Accumulating, processing, and export different crops;
- The full package services;
- Warehousing;
- Arranging transportation up to DDP term.

For more information about us you can contact our offices.